Tracking widgets

I have added a clustrmap, Flag counter and a Revoler map on my blog.  I used to have these on my old blog and I think they are good, interesting thigns to have.   I think its good to have clustrmap because its nice to think that people from all over the world are seeing your blog.  To improve clustrmaps I think it should have a time difference from other places in the world and to show the different timzones.

BTN response-NZ earthquake

The damage from the New Zealand earthquake in Christchurch was very bad.¬† Plenty of peoples cars were crushedby falling building rubble.¬† Some witnesses say that they didn’t know what was going on and only just made it out of the way of a falling building.¬†¬†More then 1000 people died and¬†a lot of people went missing.¬† The Christchurch earthquake was a 6.3 on the earthquake meter.¬† The earthquake left a disastrous mess of buildings and cars.¬† Australian volunteers came over to help clean up and to find missing¬†people.¬† Another witness say that if she didn’t go under her desk she would have died.

Scientists say that it is more common to have a earthquake in New Zealand because of a line of tectonic plates called the ring of fire that goes through new zealand to California, America. 

I think it would be very scary if a earthquake like this happened in Hawkesdale.¬† I have been in a small earthquake tremor before and that was scary enough.¬† I would rather that earthquakes didn’t exist because so many people can die but that is of course impossible.

term 1

In term 1 so far I have learned in science about the brain. In english I have learned how to right persuasive text. I am reading the series warriors at the moment and I’m really enjoying the series and I am already up to the 5th book in the first series.

In ICT we have been working on our ultranets and our blog posts.