1. What is the purpose of a wiki?
    To give people information on something easily, that people who know about the topic can edit, to add more data.
  2. Describe in your own words what a wiki looks like.

    A  plain white page, that can have text, photos, links and other information.

  3. Who is its audience?

    Anyone who is interested in looking up that topic.

  4. Who can add to the wiki?

    Anyone who wants to.

  5. How reliable is wikipedia?

    It is not always reliable, as anyone can add information to it, however usually the information on it is true.

  6. What are the benefits of having a site like wikipedia?

    It makes researching information quicker and easier for people.

  7. Does our school have a page on wikipedia? Why or why not?

    No, because we aren’t a large school, and because anyone can edit information about it.

  8. Find some local schools that have a page and provide links to their wikipedia page from your blog post. Describe what they look like.
    Brauer College and Warrnambool College

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